On May 7, 2024, voters overwhelmingly approved renewing our sinking fund with a strong vote of 2,104-1,267, showcasing incredible community support for our schools. This renewal ensures approximately $1.4 million annually for repairs and maintenance, maintaining a top-notch learning environment for our students. 

It's our second renewal, reflecting our community's ongoing dedication to investing in our schools' future. For more details on how this benefits Lakeshore, visit www.lpslancers.net. 

Thank you to everyone who voted, showing their commitment to our schools!  

Sinking Fun Renewal

Sinking Fund Information


Some ways that Lakeshore has used it's Sinking Fund

  • General Facility Maintenance and Repair:

    • Roof repair

    • Asphalt repair

    • Concrete, Sidewalk, and Masonry work

    • Plumbing repairs

    • Fence replacement

    • Install new flag pole and light

  • Electrical Work:

    • CTE electrical upgrades

    • Upgrade to LED fixtures

    • Install monitor circuitry

    • Install power to CTE Auto gate

    • Wired electrical signs

    • Install new exit signs

    • Electrical repair and added outlets

    • General lighting upgrades

  • Construction and Renovation:

    • Building level upgrades and renovations

    • Ceiling work

    • Flooring installation

    • Locker room renovation

    • School office renovation

    • Storage area construction

  • Safety and Security:

    • Fire alarm replacement

    • Emergency lighting replacement

    • Install new security cameras

    • Push-button lock installation

    • Install handicap exit systems

    • Upgrade control systems

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

    • Temperature control work

    • HVAC circuitry installation

    • Heating leaks repair

    • Boiler service and repair

    • Rooftop Unit replacements

  • Utilities and Plumbing:

    • Drinking fountain installations

    • Water line installations

    • Replace valves

    • Sewage ejection pump installations

    • Gas line installations

    • Grease trap installations

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